The Only Store In Western Canada

That Resilvers Old Mirrors

Turn Your Old Mirrors Into New Again! Yes it is possible. Do you have a mirror with a beautiful beveled edge, And maybe with some floral designs, Or it could be a family heirloom. But the mirror does not have that clear brilliance it once had when you first purchased it or maybe it has a haziness and some streaking that is starting to show through.

At Frick's Glass & Mirrors we can resilver that mirror using the same process that was used over 120 years ago, which will keep your mirror with that original antique value!
Frick's Glass & Mirrors has been in the glass and mirror business since 1960. We have well over 60 years of experience in resilvering, and all your glass and mirror needs. We re-do Dresser mirrors, Rear view car mirrors, Hand held mirrors, 2-way mirrors, Search light reflectors, etc.



"If It Is Glass We Can Silver It"

 Rare Antique Mirror

Problems With Resilvering Which May Occur:

* All custom work has to be paid for in advance. The process will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks after we receive the mirror and payment. There is an extra charge to remove and re-install the mirror back into the frame. Pricing depends on over all size.

* Be sure to package the mirror well, with bubble wrap plastic and news paper securely in a box. We will send it back through Fed-ex, Loomis, or UPS. in which the customer pays all the shipping cost both ways.